Season 1, Episode 18 "Bob and Carol Save Christmas" (December 15, 2004)

Created by Mark Reisman


Bob and Carol find the quints are really sick of 'Quintsmass', which means getting no Christmas presents until the Christmas sale, just pictures on the actual holiday; they risk all their Christmas budget at blackjack in Atlantic City, using Bob's tried and unapproved system, and to stop her hysteric encouragement Carol's non-existing one at another table, with a surprising series of high and low results... Meanwhile Parker looks forward to playing Joseph in a nativity stall with a hot teacher as narrator, but Patton worms his way in, for lack of an open part as live baby Jezus, and lives Parker's nightmare... Paige is so eager to sing carols with the Tinsel Tones that she promises Penny her MP-3 player to stand in for a sick alto; sis who hates caroling accepts, but deliberately misses every tone till the director throws her out, yet... Pearce begs hard enough to get another go as elf, although way older then his colleagues, with the same Santa he already bit as a toddler, who rightly fears more pain to come, which however proves someone else's opportunity...